Friday, June 3, 2011

Pearls and Crystals and Silver, Oh My!

Hey everyone! It's time for some new beads! I ordered this lot from It was a great deal: 20% off and free shipping! Woohoo! I got myself some sterling chain, swarovski channel beads, grey pearls, super cheap swarovski bicones (5 cents each!), and a swarovski bicone mix in posh. I am loving the little tanzanite channel beads. They are a bit smaller than I expected...but still gorgeous. I cannot WAIT to use this color palate in a necklace and earrings, and I will of course share the final product with you :)

Here are some more shiny things I've picked up recently...pewter charms to be a tad more descriptive.

I also thought I would share this picture I took from Memorial Day when we went ballooning. Amazing sight!
Oi, I hope I can find the time to play with these beadsies this weekend. So busy. We are *supposed* to go camping in Half Moon Bay this Sunday, but of course its going to be pouring rain and we will inevitably be struck by lightening and the tent will flood and we will drown.  OH but I ALMOST FORGOT...the International Gem and Jewelry show is in San Mateo this weekend! 

And you can score a $2 off admission coupon from the website! Its only $8 for all 3 days, though sadly I can only go for 1 :(

Imma go! You gonna go? Go!

Seeya there :)