Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm a bead n00b

Hey everyone! First off, thank you so much to Copper Diem for the shoutout! It is so great to receive such warm welcomes from the beading community!

Speaking of the beading community, I have spent the last few days perusing beading and jewelry blogs, and have come to this conclusion: I am a bead n00b! Before blogging all I had to compare myself to were people I knew...and none of them made any jewelry. So, then, I was a genius. NOW I see all the absolutely stunning and intricate pieces being made out there and realize how new I am at this! My collection is tiny, I desperately need to work on my photography skills, and I would love to learn new techniques. I'm so impressed with what is out there, and welcome any commentary or input I can get!

Just off the top of my head some of the techniques I want to pick up are wire working, silversmithing, bead weaving....oh and how to make those super cute wrap bracelets...they look like this:

 Cute right?? If anyone could point me to a tutorial that would be groovy.

SO the next part of this post will just be a beef up of my portfolio. I took some more pics of my work for your viewing and commenting pleasure. Enjoy!

 Black glass stone and turquoise focal piece with cute bird charm

 A gift for my boyfriend's bamboo coral with magnesite pendant and toggle clasp

 No actual turquoise in this one, but still carries the color theme :)

 Pearl and silver chain 2 strand necklace with a shell bird pendant. Its kinda sexy on with a tanktop :)

I have more to show you, but small doses is best I think !
Thanks so much for reading guys! Hope you were entertained :)

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  1. I love them all! love the colors! Copperdiem