Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Undersea Delights

Some of my mostest favoritest stones to work with are shells and pearls. The more uneven and wibbly and natural looking, the better. They are shiny and sophisticated, but subtle at the same time. I think I'm so obsessed with them because I'm obsessed with the ocean. We went sailing this weekend and it was the most relaxed and peaceful I have felt in a long time. Lying on the deck, drinking beer, listening to reggae, getting sunburned...nothing better. My dad is a big sailor; I guess it gets passed on in the genes. My family is coming to visit me in July and we are going again. So EXCITED! Now I understand my dad's desire to retire onto a boat and just sail around the world. Just gotta procure a boat first...

Anyway, here are some of my finest ocean-inspired pieces. Hope you like em, please comment!

 I really like this necklace except for the silver wire I used to attach the shell beads. I bought some black wire so I will probably do a little editing on this one...But the shell beads with the wavy lines on them are SO COOL! I also made some matching earrings :

I gave the earrings to a friend of mine as a bon voyage gift... she is all the way in Switzerland now :(

 A toggle bracelet made with the same blue shell them and a super cute heart toggle clasp

OK so this necklace is one of my favorites...and was "inspired" by a necklace I saw in the Sundance catalog.  They have GORGEOUS pieces, but are really expensive (too expensive for me anyway). I used much less expensive materials, but made it just as pretty ( I think). I know some people would think it's crappy to copy other artists work, but in my opinion  its nice to make lovely pieces like this more accessible, especially for personal use. Does anyone else do this?

Cheers everyone, thanks for reading and hope you had an awesome Memorial Day weekend!

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  1. all are very cool - love the shell and that black chain!
    amy @ copperdiem.blogspot.com