Thursday, May 26, 2011

Moonstones are difficult to photograph

I absolutely LOVE moonstones. They glow and make me happy in my insides. But they are impossible for me to photograph. I am by no means a professional photographer, I don't have a schmancy camera, and I don't use those cute artistic background "professionals" use (You know, like a pearl necklace draped across a rose and an antique book or whatever cute quaintness they can find).  I just can't seem to capture their actual color. Maybe someone out there has some tips?

Here is a necklace I made a few days ago that contains moonstones and a pretty, kinda shiny opaque white glass bead I found at Michael's. I used some base metal chain and black coated 24 gauge wire to attach the beads. I took a bunch of pictures with a black and a white background. These are the ones I think came out best. Let me know what think!
close up

whole necklace, no flash

close-up with flash

close-up no flash

I do like the reddish glow that hits the wall behind the moonstones, especially in the last picture....ah moonstones are so...mooney :)

Tips and tricks to jewelry photography much appreciated. Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi there! Thanks for commenting my blog. Link exchange sounds like a great idea! I have alreaded added link to your blog. Check it out!


  3. Hi Isabel! I love your jewelry designs, especially the pearls! That looks like a fun one to wear and probably gets lots of attention.

  4. Hello Isabel!
    I think these stones would look great on a darker background. And I think pics either taken outside or at least at a large window where there is lots of natural light, look best for jewelry photos! Welcome to blogland!

  5. Hey hey love the necklace but that is not natural moonstone, that is Opalite, a synthetic opalised glass (pretty stuff though man made)